toby’s estate, coffee, duxton hill, singapore, september 2014

IMG_2980 IMG_2989 IMG_2992 IMG_2994 IMG_2997

so next up is toby’s estate. my friend recommended me this place. “fransiska, if you like good coffee – go there”. so i went there. this lovely place, the building, the area, the interior. i knew i loved the place before i even went inside the café. crazy – i know. of course they ran out of soy milk just before i came, so i actually skipped the coffee and went straight to the food. a greek salad with smoked chicken breast and a salmon bagel (obversely i was there with my partner in crime). The food was good. i paid 10 sgd for the salad – a bit pricy according to the portion and 8 sgd for the salmon bagel. i will definitely go there again and next time order coffee. i trust my friend – he told the coffee was amazing and he is a barista, so i guess he is right. visit their website here

  1. I love the decor of the restaurant. Quaint yet unique in style and color! 🙂

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