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photographer: sophie

so i was off from work the other day. it was for the first time in a while. so i decided to not wear by malene birger or at least not something from the new collection. therefor i ended in the back of my closet(yeah it is kinda huge). an old skirt from 10 kg ago and a favorite shirt from zara. the thing is that copenhagen is pretty cold even though it is july – so i had to wear a coat. sooooo.. a coat that was not new. i only had one (maybe two) so i ended up picking a by malene birger coat which was hyped back in the days..

outfit: coat from by malene birger, skirt from cos, t-shirt from zara. 

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photos taken by me for 9pr

i was invited to adidas social run. the concept is quite cool. a group of bloggers and runners met at 9pr for a run in copenhagen and then dinner afterwards. i have never been to a social run before. believe me, it is fun! there is no rush, no competition, only a run where you expand your network while exercising. we were running in adidas clothing, and i am crazy about the comfort and design. did i mention the delicious sushi we at afterwards from karma sushi?


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59 meters is the the height of the new office building at nordhavn. the building is original from 1979, and the  ad-on construction merge the old silo building together with the new offices. nordhavn is under construction, but the plan keep some of the old building to insure the original identity for the area  and add new international architecture to the area. can’t wait till i get old, and see what it is gonna become.