los angeles


photographer: jose

d and i have traditions. it sounds weird, but it is true. every time i go to la we start out with a mani and a pedi. before i leave we have to go to nobu. do not get me wrong, i love to try new things and places, but it is good to have something you always do. for me the vacation wouldn’t have been completed without those to traditions. i told d and j to get ready, cause i had a surprise for them. actually we where going to rodeo drive to visit the blvd, a café i wanted to try, then buy a cupcake at the sprinkles atm and then go to nobu. i just forgot one thing. d takes forever to get ready. so instead of leaving at 11 am, we left at 1pm to nobu. she was forgiven. i mean it was her car and i could not just take it. nobu was nice. we had sushi, martinis and champagne. then i was ready for the takeoff.