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photographer: mette

my parents came to copenhagen for a short visit. they had decided to go around on bike all day. tourist trip. these pictures are from nordhavn and the paustian building. the architecture is beautiful out there – great thing to visit.

outfit: shoes from won hundred, skirt from zara, shirt from t by alexander wang and leatherjacket from by malene birger. 


photo by: sophie

i guess the crop top and i have a love hate relationship. i think it flattering on models with their six pack, but i am not in the model category so then it gets tricky. I was wearing it anyway and i love it.

outfit: crop top from zara, pant from alexander wang, leather jacket from by malene birger and sunglasses from celine.

IMG_4123 IMG_4121 IMG_4116

so i spend my last days in sing pore, enjoying places. i am deeply in love with marina bays sands – i don’t know why. maybe it is the water? or the lights at night? i hate to say goodbye, i know i will be back, but do not know when. that is why i pulled a paris hilton in the airport. i was wearing sunglasses at 2 am just to cover my eyes. tears were falling down and i tried to look cool. the goodbye thing is just so sad.

IMG_3157 IMG_3159 IMG_3160 IMG_3162

i was a bit tired yesterday. finally went home to holland village, for the first time in a week. changed to go to tanglin club for lunch. the big black sunglasses was needed. i was almost black under my eyes for the lack of sleep the last couples of weeks. the lunch was good. real good. i like tanglin club. it is a country club near orchard. freya is a member, i can not afford it.

i am in to the head band these days. sophie is telling me that i look like one from 1970. it might have something to do with my fav song at the moment. i am women by helen reddy. i do not know why – it is old, but good.