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it is funny how i am raised with a certain rule of what is appropriate to do at a cemetery and then i moved to copenhagen. i tried to make some point of what you can do in a cemetery in copenhagen:

1. it is okay to go to a cemetery to take a nice picture for instagram

2. you can have your morning run in the cemetery. in fact it is okay to run no matter what time it is.

3. you can bicycle at the cemetery

4. it is okay to plant spices and make food from them at the cemetery

5. you can bring a kindergarten on tour at the cemetery

steffie and i discussed it and for me it is absurd. a cemetery for me is a quiet place to mourn the dead people. a cemetery is scary ad sacred. steffie then said to me “look at it from another point of view. it is amazing that you can turn a place like this into something so useful and beautiful. when they grow spices it is a balance between dead and bringing spices to life.” maybe she is right.

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photos by steffie

we did the most tourist thing in copenhagen at the moment. we went to bispebjerg to get a picture of the flowers (well maybe a picture of us with the flowers in the background). it is weird to walk around at a cemetery, but in copenhagen cemeteries are used for all kind of stuff and now also instagram perfect pictures.

outfit: trenchcoat, shirt and leather pants from by malene birger and sunnies from celine.