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photographer: sophie

so i was off from work the other day. it was for the first time in a while. so i decided to not wear by malene birger or at least not something from the new collection. therefor i ended in the back of my closet(yeah it is kinda huge). an old skirt from 10 kg ago and a favorite shirt from zara. the thing is that copenhagen is pretty cold even though it is july – so i had to wear a coat. sooooo.. a coat that was not new. i only had one (maybe two) so i ended up picking a by malene birger coat which was hyped back in the days..

outfit: coat from by malene birger, skirt from cos, t-shirt from zara. 

IMG_1540 IMG_1538

photographer: feodora

i have been working non stop since my two days adventure to skagen. i love my job and i love writing my bachelor. i feel blessed to be able to read and work at the same time. unfortunately it leaves me with a small amount of time to do what i also love: take pictures. i can’t wait for fashion week. taking pictures makes me so happy. the world is so beautiful and i love to capture the beauty!

outfit: leather pants and waistcoat from by malene birger, belt from miu miu and sweater from tiger of sweden.



photographer: steffie

steffie told me i had to stop. every time a see a wall i go crazy. i appreciate beautiful walls, don’t ask me why! now steffie is leaving. so no more wall-looking. okay i might force sophie to check out walls with me.

outfit: clothing from by malene birger and shoes from zara