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this might sound pathetic, but i love the place. every time i go to new york i eat my breakfast there. i was supposed to try the parisian life in paris but every morning i ended up at this place. it is convient – that is it. like starbucks, joe and the juice and all those kind a stores. you know what you are gonna get and it works. i should try to explore new places, but when you have a small amount of time you just have to do the things that works for you.

btw the picture shows my mom and sister scrolling down instagram.. no matter where you go you can always have an idea of what is going on at home.

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so next up is toby’s estate. my friend recommended me this place. “fransiska, if you like good coffee – go there”. so i went there. this lovely place, the building, the area, the interior. i knew i loved the place before i even went inside the café. crazy – i know. of course they ran out of soy milk just before i came, so i actually skipped the coffee and went straight to the food. a greek salad with smoked chicken breast and a salmon bagel (obversely i was there with my partner in crime). The food was good. i paid 10 sgd for the salad – a bit pricy according to the portion and 8 sgd for the salmon bagel. i will definitely go there again and next time order coffee. i trust my friend – he told the coffee was amazing and he is a barista, so i guess he is right. visit their website here

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the duxton hotel is funny enough located at duxton road. i have passed it some times, when i did coffee research in the area, but then on a monday morning me and sophie wanted to go to ‘group teraphy’ (another café i described here). the nice cafés and restaurant are often closed on mondays, os we walked by a huge sign at the duxton hotel that said coffee. the place is cool. scandinavian style. lots of designer furniture. the coffee is good. you know – it taste like coffee. BUT! they do not have soy milk. so you can get anything on normal or skimmed milk. since i do not like cow milk i chose an americano, which was really good, so good that i was forced to order on more.

located: 83 Duxton RoadSingapore

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this place is one of my favorite places in singapore. it is located on a corner, has live music at night and really good coffee. i like to study there and watch the flow of people coming and going. so if you are nearby arab st, go to artistry for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. visit their website or go to 17 Jalan Pinang, singapore.