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photographer: sophie

so i was off from work the other day. it was for the first time in a while. so i decided to not wear by malene birger or at least not something from the new collection. therefor i ended in the back of my closet(yeah it is kinda huge). an old skirt from 10 kg ago and a favorite shirt from zara. the thing is that copenhagen is pretty cold even though it is july – so i had to wear a coat. sooooo.. a coat that was not new. i only had one (maybe two) so i ended up picking a by malene birger coat which was hyped back in the days..

outfit: coat from by malene birger, skirt from cos, t-shirt from zara. 



yesterday i was pretty sure i was gonna nail the exam if i was dressing up. so instead of using the last two hours on studying, i used them on deciding what to wear. my argument is vague. you are not gonna do better to an multiple choice exam because of your outfit. BUT! yes, there is a but. i believe that if you feel confident and like a winner, then you will do better. i did good. so good that i had to celebrate it on ps. café with chardonnay, truffle fries and a carrot cake.


photographer: norris

yesterday norris thought it was time for a change. he said “fransiska, you never take pictures when it is dark.” so he took a picture of me in the dark. well not really dark since orchard and singapore in general always shine from all the lights, but still. the picture looks poor, but interesting. the facade of singapore is shown. an expensive, new and clean city.