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mathias and i went to starbucks at fullerton water boat house. it is a truly beautiful store (perfect for studying). not only do they have a normal coffee order station and a pick up station, but also a slow coffee bar as they call it. we ordered some coffee from the ‘slow coffee bar’ which was an amazing experience. normally i do not prefer starbucks coffee, but when i am traveling starbucks is good. i mean you know what it is, you know what you get and there is wifi. this time my starbucks experience was totally different. instead of the normal triple-soy-latte to go, i sat down and talked with the barista. he was explaining everything about the beans, how to grind it and the water temperature and the equipment. honestly i felt like i was at a lecture in how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. we tasted the beans, and watch him carefully measure everything, then touch the chemex to understand how it worked and then got a coffee. he told us to smell it, and sip it and taste the coffee carefully. that is what i would call great service.



photographer: jose

d and i have traditions. it sounds weird, but it is true. every time i go to la we start out with a mani and a pedi. before i leave we have to go to nobu. do not get me wrong, i love to try new things and places, but it is good to have something you always do. for me the vacation wouldn’t have been completed without those to traditions. i told d and j to get ready, cause i had a surprise for them. actually we where going to rodeo drive to visit the blvd, a café i wanted to try, then buy a cupcake at the sprinkles atm and then go to nobu. i just forgot one thing. d takes forever to get ready. so instead of leaving at 11 am, we left at 1pm to nobu. she was forgiven. i mean it was her car and i could not just take it. nobu was nice. we had sushi, martinis and champagne. then i was ready for the takeoff.