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amazing pizza from da paolo. please go there if you are in holland village. normally i hate pizza, i do not eat pizza, but when mathias left, we went to da paolo and i tasted the pizza there. so good! so i went for my farewell dinner. we had a diavola with salami, fresh chili (absolute favorite) and pollo e avocado, rucola e crudo and some others. the address is: 44 Jalan Merah Saga, Singapore 278116



yesterday i was pretty sure i was gonna nail the exam if i was dressing up. so instead of using the last two hours on studying, i used them on deciding what to wear. my argument is vague. you are not gonna do better to an multiple choice exam because of your outfit. BUT! yes, there is a but. i believe that if you feel confident and like a winner, then you will do better. i did good. so good that i had to celebrate it on ps. café with chardonnay, truffle fries and a carrot cake.

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i was a bit tired yesterday. finally went home to holland village, for the first time in a week. changed to go to tanglin club for lunch. the big black sunglasses was needed. i was almost black under my eyes for the lack of sleep the last couples of weeks. the lunch was good. real good. i like tanglin club. it is a country club near orchard. freya is a member, i can not afford it.

i am in to the head band these days. sophie is telling me that i look like one from 1970. it might have something to do with my fav song at the moment. i am women by helen reddy. i do not know why – it is old, but good.