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IMG_9619    IMG_9647

pictures by: sophie

i felt like carrie bradshaw in milan. sometimes it is fun just to dress up and wear some red lipstick or a skirt thats as girly as it can be. people were looking. there was a guard who told us that we had to search permission to photograph editorials in front of the duomo. he laughed so hard when i told him we just needed the perfect instagram photo. lol.

outfit: skirt from h&m, top from envii



IMG_9906 IMG_9898

photos by: mette

it is saturday and i am home at my parents place. the dress is the only thing i purchased in milan except for the milan cityguide by louis vuitton. now i am going to pack my bags for singapore. leaving for hamburg tomorrow, dubai monday and then singapore.

outfit: shoes from zara, dress from h&m and a leather jacket from by malene birger.