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photographer: steffie

hawaii has been an adventure and a challenge. i lost my luggage, i overcame my fear of heights and water – i know i sound like a baby. we got kicked out of the room, where we slept all three of us (not crowded at all). we have met people, which have taught me so much. i will post a bunch of pictures as soon as possible, but now i am headed for a joy ride in los angeles.


despite the total hype about these shoes, I’ve got them. actually both of them are presents. nike shoes are ridicules expensive in denmark, but really hyped in the US. lucky I’ve got them from my sneaker head. first time in disneyland in los angeles. romantic – yes. like cinderella. haha. the black was sent to me in singapore. best surprise ever! the love didn’t last, but the shoes will.


photographer:often i walk around in different areas, watching pretty pictures, looking for cool places. this makes me forget the beauty in the hidden. the other day i was walking around with sophie and saw a grey wall. nothing special, no crazy ass graffiti or pompous art, just a grey wall. actually we passed it, walk to a pretty avenue with trees dancing in the wind. suddenly i wanted to go back to the grey wall. take a picture, cause it was perfect. simple.