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after my exam last monday i had to celebrate. so i went shopping. at orchard. stupid when your credit card is misused and your bank account is redder than normal. anyways – me and norris walked around. looked. touched, but nah. nothing really got our attention. after 2 hours we gave up and thought went to ps. cafe. so nice. the cakes are huge and the place is cosy. i had a glass of chardonnay and carrot cake – classy, i know. i ended eating norris’ truffle fries. soooooo good. i have to go there again. rumor has it that the burgers are amazing. must try.


photographer: norris

yesterday norris thought it was time for a change. he said “fransiska, you never take pictures when it is dark.” so he took a picture of me in the dark. well not really dark since orchard and singapore in general always shine from all the lights, but still. the picture looks poor, but interesting. the facade of singapore is shown. an expensive, new and clean city.

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i have a confession, a guilty pleasure. i love expensive stores. not to shop there (or obviously i would love to, but i am a student) but just to go there. stores like céline, christian louboutin, chanel, prada, proenza schuler and so on. i love to watch the store, the decoration the set up. then see the items that perfectly place around in the store like art. the service that takes every customer through an experience. but then again – i am a student and i might just love what i can not buy.