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this might sound pathetic, but i love the place. every time i go to new york i eat my breakfast there. i was supposed to try the parisian life in paris but every morning i ended up at this place. it is convient – that is it. like starbucks, joe and the juice and all those kind a stores. you know what you are gonna get and it works. i should try to explore new places, but when you have a small amount of time you just have to do the things that works for you.

btw the picture shows my mom and sister scrolling down instagram.. no matter where you go you can always have an idea of what is going on at home.


we went shopping as you are supposed to do when in paris i guess. in the middle of the shiny facades i saw this door. i guess it is my imagination that is running wild, but the door makes me curious. the door to an imagined elsewhere. when i passed the door the day after, i found out it was an art gallery. so maybe the door wasn’t that special after all, but it caught my attention and gave me time to stop and think.