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after my exam last monday i had to celebrate. so i went shopping. at orchard. stupid when your credit card is misused and your bank account is redder than normal. anyways – me and norris walked around. looked. touched, but nah. nothing really got our attention. after 2 hours we gave up and thought went to ps. cafe. so nice. the cakes are huge and the place is cosy. i had a glass of chardonnay and carrot cake – classy, i know. i ended eating norris’ truffle fries. soooooo good. i have to go there again. rumor has it that the burgers are amazing. must try.


studying is killing me these days. i have to get ready for my psychology exam and project management. actually i do find the studying interesting and sophie is starting to get annoyed with all my psychology fun facts like “freud is the most widely cited psychologist of the 20th century – but is he talking bullshit?!”. i think i increased starbucks sale.. i’ll go back to janis, hollander and sherif (read: facebook and instagram). have a nice day!