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photo: devigne

last day i had in singapore. it is always weird to leave places that feels like home. unfortunately i have a lot of those places, so yeah – whatever. I spend the last day getting a manicure, sipping coffee, eating to much cake and watch fast and the furious 7. i know you might think it is kinda weird to use your last day on those thing. i should gone sightseeing or what ever. truth is i needed a manicure, cause it is damn expensive in denmark. i had to drink coffee and eat cake at starbucks, cause it was raining like a maniac and the movie.. come on it was the premier and a tradition.

ps. i promise to brush my hair for the next picture!

clothing: bag from marc by marc jacobs, skirt from h&m and a top from dkny

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mathias and i went to starbucks at fullerton water boat house. it is a truly beautiful store (perfect for studying). not only do they have a normal coffee order station and a pick up station, but also a slow coffee bar as they call it. we ordered some coffee from the ‘slow coffee bar’ which was an amazing experience. normally i do not prefer starbucks coffee, but when i am traveling starbucks is good. i mean you know what it is, you know what you get and there is wifi. this time my starbucks experience was totally different. instead of the normal triple-soy-latte to go, i sat down and talked with the barista. he was explaining everything about the beans, how to grind it and the water temperature and the equipment. honestly i felt like i was at a lecture in how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. we tasted the beans, and watch him carefully measure everything, then touch the chemex to understand how it worked and then got a coffee. he told us to smell it, and sip it and taste the coffee carefully. that is what i would call great service.



so airport time means waiting time and waiting time means coffee time and coffee time equals starbucks time. there is something about starbucks. i have this love/hate relationship with the brand. the grande-triple-soy-latte doesn’t taste amazing. lets be honest – i have tasted better coffee in my life, but it works. no matter were you are in the world starbucks coffee is the same.

fyi: ams (that is the airport in amsterdam) has three starbucks shops.. or was it four?!


studying is killing me these days. i have to get ready for my psychology exam and project management. actually i do find the studying interesting and sophie is starting to get annoyed with all my psychology fun facts like “freud is the most widely cited psychologist of the 20th century – but is he talking bullshit?!”. i think i increased starbucks sale.. i’ll go back to janis, hollander and sherif (read: facebook and instagram). have a nice day!