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IMG_1540 IMG_1538

photographer: feodora

i have been working non stop since my two days adventure to skagen. i love my job and i love writing my bachelor. i feel blessed to be able to read and work at the same time. unfortunately it leaves me with a small amount of time to do what i also love: take pictures. i can’t wait for fashion week. taking pictures makes me so happy. the world is so beautiful and i love to capture the beauty!

outfit: leather pants and waistcoat from by malene birger, belt from miu miu and sweater from tiger of sweden.


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photographer: sophie

sunday – the only time i do relax or maybe not. i had a sleepover at sophies, went to visit steffie at torvehallerne, then peter at joe and to my josephines place. she is a hairdresser so we decided to cut my hair. then back home for cleaning the house and then a late night coffee with frederik and steffie. i love sundays, cause then i have time to do whatever i want. okay i do that everyday, but still..

outfit: leather pants and jacket from by malene birger, sandals from asos, sweatshirt from zara and a bag from marc by marc jacobs.


IMG_0065 IMG_0056 IMG_0038 IMG_0034

photos: freya

sunday fun day at the skate park. not that i am skating, but i love the atmosphere there. the people are doing there own things, the place is colorful and yeah – i guess i just love the more “underground” part of singapore. i went there after hours on writing my thesis, so it was nice you to relax and have fun.

outfit: skirt from by malene birger, shoes and t-shirt from zara, glasses from celine

ootd-9550 ootd-9558

pictures by: anne

i had a nice sunday walk with my besties from back home. walked around in copenhagen for 3 hour, sipping coffee and talked a lot. perfect way to spend a sunday. my legs were sore after 3 km, but 5 hour later i returned to my new home after 17 km.

outfit: jacket from h&m, sweatshirt from stella mccartney for adidas and a skirt from by malene birger.